What’s the best running shoe?

There is no single best shoe. Everyone’s feet are different, everyone’s biomechanics are different, everyone’s running style is different. By carefully observing the gait cycle we are able to recommend specific shoes for each individual.

How long should my running shoes last?

This is a very difficult question to answer because so many factors affect the life of your running shoes. It varies greatly since there are so many differences in everyone’s biomechanics, running styles, physical stature, and running surfaces. The difference in shoe type will also affect durability, the extremely lightweight training shoes, typically, won’t be as durable as the more substantial ones. Some runners will be able to train up to 500 miles in a pair of shoes, others may get somewhere between 350 or 400 miles. It just depends on the individual.

What should I do with my old worn-out shoes?

TRANSPORTS is proud to participate in the Nike ReUSE A SHOE program; which is an innovative approach to recycling athletic shoes and keeping them out of the landfill. Bring in your old worn-out athletic shoes of any brand and we’ll ship them to Nike where they are shredded and converted into Nike Grind. This unique ground-up material is then used to resurface athletic fields, courts, tracks and playgrounds. TRANSPORTS can accept a MAXIMUM of 10 pairs of shoes per donation. Groups or individuals with larger donations can send them to Nike directly.

What’s wrong with cotton?

Cotton is a wonderful fabric that feels really nice against the skin. That’s why cotton is great for pajamas. However, for athletic use, cotton has some serious drawbacks. Cotton is an extremely absorbant material that soaks up perspiration and just stays wet, cold, and clingy against the skin. That moisture can lead to discomfort and blisters on the feet. Try to select socks and apparel that utilize one of the many technical synthetic fibers that aren’t so absorbant but rather that “wick” the moisture away from the skin. This will help keep you dryer and more comfortable.