Choose the correct shoes


Selecting the proper footwear for running or wallking can be a daunting proposition. There are so manyi styles and they all look similar to each other. In order to pick the shoe that's right for you, it is important to match your biomechanics and foot-type with the specific characteristics of each shoe. We can help. LEARN MORE.



Looking for a RACE?


Refer to the EVENT CALENDAR for a listing of some local races.







group trail runs



Richie Boulet leads our popular Wednesday night trail runs @ 6:30 sharp. Sign-up is free. To join-in, contact us or simply drop by the store to register and you will receive a weekly email letting you know the location and directions to the trailhead selected for that week. You can also find the details on our Facebook page. We meet at a different spot each week so it’s a great way to discover some new running routes and a chance to run with others. All levels of runners are welcome so sign up and join the fun!




Looking for a place to run?


Click here or stop by TRANSPORTS to check out various maps that show the many trail heads that we use for our organized trail runs. We can also show you some of our favorite running routes throughout the East Bay.