Staff Bios


Richie started working at TRANSPORTS in Janurary of 1996 during his last semester at UC Berkeley and never looked back. He ran track professionally for a few years after graduation, and competed all over the US, Europe, and Japan. Now, he runs marathons for fun, and is on his way to completing every major marathon in California. Richie also leads the TRANSPORTS Wednesday Night Runs. When he's not running, he enjoys working at the store.


Brandon is a graduate of Moreau Catholic High School in Hayward, where he began his running career. He decided his basketball skills were a little suspect (to put it mildly) so he tried out for the track team instead, and he ended up qualifying for the California State meet in his senior year. Now he's in his third year running for Saint Mary's College. He's also been a Karate student and instructor dating way back to the early days of his youth. He states that his favorite foods are milk shakes and pizza; in fact he's working on a new flavor sensation by somehow combining the two: either a pizza flavored milk shake or a milk shake flavored pizza. Mixed reviews so far. In his downtime he likes to read and play League of Legends!


Sarah was a competitive Figure Skater for over 10 years. She switched to running and ran Cross-Country & Track in high school while recovering from a skating injury. She found that she loved distance running and currently has a handful of half marathons and marathons on her resume. Not one to become complacent, she has now entered the world of triathlon. A full Ironman Triathlon has always been a bucket list item for her and in 2013 she completed Ironman Lake Placid. "Best experience of my life." Fun fact: She has visited almost every state in the U.S. and has lived in 7 of them. Having driven across the country several times, she loves to sample as much of the local cuisine as possible.


Chris grew up playing baseball in Oakland’s Youth Leagues. A defensive standout, he was good with the glove but struggled at the plate. He simply couldn’t lay off the high heat. In high school, he decided to trade in his cleats for some track spikes and competed in Cross Country and Track & Field. His favorite run: Straight up Mt. Diablo. Chris is a recent grad of Colgate University and is back in the bay...



Sarah is an LA transplant. Her favorite sports as a kid were soccer, softball, and cheerleading “yes, it’s a sport!” She started running at age 11 and competed in cross-country and track & field throughout her entire high school career. She made all-league 3 years in a row and qualified for the CIF championships once. Unfortunately, she had to miss the race due to an injury sustained after not-so-gracefully falling at the league finals. When not running, she’s engrossed in her true passion, anything and everything Hello Kitty. Sarah’s greatest claim to fame: “I’ve hiccupped at least once a day for the past decade.”



Justin ran cross country and track at Albany High School, followed by triathlon at UC Davis. His life goals are: running the Boston Marathon, surviving Pamplona's running of the bulls, and having a pet cat. He also writes free lance articles and is currently crafting an epic novel.




Stephanie grew up running and swimming in the Arizona desert. A miler in high school, she was the AZ state champ in the 1600m - and went on to compete for the Cal Golden Bears in both XC and track. She's added cycling to her repertoire and is now fully ensconced in the world of triathlons. Her real challenge is finding enough time to train since she spends most of her waking hours chasing after her kids.




Francis played soccer, basketball, and baseball throughout his youth and only started running cross country his junior year of high school. “To get in shape for soccer.” That XC season was followed by a stint on the track team and the rest is history. After high school, Francis went to City College of San Francisco where he won the 800 meter state championship 2 years in row. He then transferred to Cal and became an NCAA Indoor All-American. Francis is also the premier wakeboarder among his TRANSPORTS co-workers.




Bev has been running since her high school days, when her volleyball coach would make her run in 100+ degree weather in the Central Valley. Since being traumatized, the thought of running for fun did not come easily. She now tolerates it by making it a social activity, running with a group in Piedmont on Tuesdays and Thursday mornings. Following her most recent marathon she has found the water a more natural habitat. Her Masters group keeps her swimming up, although it is harder to visit while doing a swim workout.



Frank started out as a swimmer, dating all the way back to the “8 and under” age group days and continued competing through high school. In college he spent a great deal of time sitting on the bench for his water polo squad. He's stared at the black line on the bottom of the pool so much that it's permanently imprinted on his brain. Currently he spends more time running miles than swimming laps. With a couple of marathons under his belt, you can usually find him running somewhere out in Contra Costa County. Frank sez “I’m living proof that you can run in slow motion and still have fun!”





Kei started running in high school to stay in shape for outdoor pursuits such as backpacking and climbing. At the insistence of co-workers at Berkeley Bowl, he ran his first Bay to Breakers in 1977, and has been running road races ever since. Always the gear head, Kei opened TRANSPORTS in 1982 so that he could tell the manufacturers what was wrong with their shoes. He is also trying to keep up with Richie’s California marathons feat although it takes him twice as long to run them.