Be prepared to try on swimwear and accessories. Swimwear sizing can vary greatly from style to style and the only way to really know what works is to try it on.

Women’s competition suits are typically sized according to bust size; eg 32,34,36,38,40

Women’s fitness suits are sized like clothing; eg 6 8 10 12 14 and so on. Many of the fitness suits are designed with a moderate leg cut and with a shelf bra or soft cup for bust support. We are able to convert fitness sizing to competition sizing and vice verse.The particular cut or back design of the suit will greatly determine how that suit will fit. In some suits a 34 may fit and in another a 36 might be a better fit.

The specific fabrication will also affect the fit and feel of a particular suit. Most manufacturers continue to use a blend of nylon and lycra fabric for swimwear. Nylon/lycra blends are popular due to the fabric’s “4-way” stretch properties.

This fabric tightly hugs the contours of the swimmer and allows for complete freedom of movement without restriction and drag.

Many manufactures are currently using more polyester fabrics in their swimwear. The advantage of the polyester suit is their chlorine resistance and superior durability. Today’s polyester suits provide a fit and feel similar to nylon/lycra.

Men’s swimwear utilize the same types of fabrics and are sized by waist size. We carry brief, jammer, and trunk styles.

There is a wide array of goggle styles designed to accommodate the many different shapes of faces. Everyone’s fit experience is unique. In order to achieve the proper fit, be prepared to try on several different styles. Some goggles utilize a silicone gasket that can create a suction seal; to fit this type of goggle, try pushing the air out while it’s on your face and see if the goggle stays on. For a goggle with a neoprene or foam gasket, put the goggle on with the strap. A suction or pressure seal exists if the goggle “pops” when pulled from the face.

Many children are able to achieve a good fit with one of our many junior or youth frames. We also offer corrective lens goggles with diopters ranging from –1.50 to –8.00.

Other swim accessories such as training fins, snorkels, and hand paddles are all useful in helping you get the most out of your swim workout.